Preface to Memory Verses

~~~~~ Preface to Memory Verses ~~~~~

“His words [Jesus’ words] have been a sort of infinite wonder to the world, a kind of Divine heart and conscience to it. They are but few; we can read in an hour all of His thought that survives in the forms human art has created to clothe and immortalize the human spirit.”

“So great and infinite in value have been those teachings, in quantity smallest of fragments, in quality greatest and priceless of the treasures that have enriched the world.”

“Now here we have the point of view from which we must try to interpret His teaching as a transcript or explication of His own consciousness. His speech is the incarnation of His spirit, the mirror of His thought. His person is reflected in His words; the worth of the one explains the worth of the other.”

“If the reader is going to understand what he or she is reading, then the rules of communication must be diligently followed. These are the same rules that are followed in everyday conversation when understanding takes place. In other words, there is not a special or secret set of rules for understanding God’s Word.”

Romans 10:17, “ So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”

‘Repetition is the mother of all learning’, and it is a key to renewing our mind.

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